Step 1

Please complete contact details so we can facilitate the best way for you to take advantage of this opportunity.

HyperFund Registration Request
Mark Kassner Cell: 082 873 4133

Step 2

The next step you need to take after registering is to then set up a Bitcoin trading account on an exchange that trades USDT (Tether) and provide two options here for you, Altcoin and Binance.

Altcoin Tutorial

OKEx Tutorial

Step 3

Register with HyperFund using the link supplied to you.

Watch the process here to be sure!

YouTube Links

  1. How to Download the app and register
  2. How to Fund your account
  3. How to Use your app
  4. How to withdraw your rewards

Bonus – How to use the “Merge Function”

Learn how to use the “merge function” properly so you can co-ordinate multiple accounts.

NOTE: To increase your earnings potential, you might want to set up more than one account as there are no restrictions on the number of accounts you can have.

By understanding the compensation plan and structuring it correctly, you can earn higher % daily rewards i.e. between 15% and 30%.

Step 4


TELEGRAM GROUPS – This is the most important thing to do!

Join these groups for all your News updates and Admin Support.

For Admin support, direct message Luther or Owen on the group and they will gladly help you.